Todd Becker, President and CEO, in Ethanol Producer Magazine

Outlook 2012: Fighting Vigorously to Defend the RFS Article by: Holly Jessen, Ethanol Producer Magazine - November 15, 2011 For every gallon of ethanol sold, that's one gallon of gasoline that Big Oil doesn't sell. And that, says Todd Becker, president and CEO of Green Plains Renewable Energy Inc., doesn't make the petroleum industry happy. As a result, the renewable fuel standard (RFS) will remain under attack. "We're going to have to fight vigorously to defend the RFS, because they are going to come after it," he tells EPM. Becker considers that battle the single most important issue facing the ethanol industry today. Minus a market for U.S.-made fuel, it would mean a mandate for $3 corn and unprofitable agricultural producers. "All they want to do is move the profitability off the farm and into their hands, and I think that's absolutely wrong," he says. Defending the RFS isn't just about ensuring a market for corn-based ethanol, such as what GPRE produces at its nine ethanol plants with a total capacity of 740 MMgy. It's also about reaching goals for the future. "If you blow up the RFS, you blow up any chance of next-generation fuels hitting the market," he says."I think that's the basic issue at hand." Read More

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