New owners and local farmers see economic potential in Madison ethanol plant - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Article by Bryce Gray - Dec. 4, 2016

Beneath smokestacks billowing steam near the banks of the Mississippi River, trucks line up, waiting to dump ton after ton of corn at the Green Plains ethanol refinery.

The deliveries are the first step in the crop’s conversion into high-octane fuel, a fate that awaits approximately 40 percent of the nation’s corn harvest this year.

Producing ethanol has kept about 50 workers busy year-round since the Madison plant opened in 2009. More than 90 million gallons of ethanol are produced here each year, in addition to livestock feed and corn oil.

Keeping pace with demand means up to 150 trucks stream through the facility each day to deliver corn, creating a line that can stretch for nearly a quarter mile.



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