Green Plains to Present at the 6th Annual Imperial Capital Global Opportunities Conference

By Green Plains - Sept. 14, 2012

OMAHA, Neb., Sept. 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq:GPRE) announces today that Todd Becker, President and Chief Executive Officer, will present at the 6th Annual Imperial Capital Global Opportunities Conference in New York City on September 19, 2012.

Green Plains' presentation will take place at 4:30 p.m. ET and is available via webcast. Interested investors should utilize the following link to access the live broadcast of the presentation or follow a link from the Company's website at

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FFVs in Nebraska increase by 20%

Press Release: Nebraska Ethanol Board - Sept. 11, 2012 

The number of Flex Fuel Vehicles in Nebraska has increased by over 20% from last year. There are now more than 143,000 registered FFVs in Nebraska. 

Flex Fuels Vehicles can run on any blend of ethanol and gasoline up to E85-85% ethanol. Drivers can determine whether their vehicle is an FFV by checking for an FFV logo on the back of the vehicle.  Most flex fuel vehicles also have a yellow gas cap. Drivers can also check the U.S. Department of Energy’s website to identify all makes and models of flex fuel vehicles.

Drivers benefit from E85 and ethanol blends by saving money, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting Nebraska’s economy.  Some Nebraska fuel stations are selling E85 at 68 cents per gallon under regular unleaded prices. And economic studies have found that ethanol lowers gas prices for everyone – even non-FFV drivers – by extending our gas supply.

“FFV drivers have an opportunity to make more fuel choices at the pump,” said Todd Sneller, Nebraska Ethanol Board administrator.  “These choices have the additional advantage of lower prices than gasoline”, he stated.

Flex Fuel Vehicle drivers will have an opportunity to save even more on fuel tomorrow. Two gas stations in Grand Island are offering discounts on ethanol fuels on September 12 from 11-am to 1 pm. The stations are Pump & Pantry, 1235 Allen Drive, and Aurora Cooperative A-Stop at 4155 E. Hwy 30 in Grand Island.

“More drivers are realizing the benefits of renewable fuels like ethanol by switching to FFVs,” said Sneller.  Drivers of flex fuel vehicles can find details about additional ethanol fuel promotions by checking the Nebraska Ethanol Board web site.

For More Information Contact: Todd Sneller at (402)471-2941 or email him at View a list and map of E85 and ethanol blender pump locations at the Nebraska Ethanol Board website.  Sign up for the Nebraska Ethanol Board’s FFV club for updates of new E85 locations and other announcements. Go to  to sign up now.  See past news releases from the Nebraska Ethanol Board on the “News & Opinion” page.

Customer Appreciation Day - Green Plains Ord

On Thursday, September 6, Green Plains Ord hosted a Customer Appreciation Day at our Ord, Nebraska location. Customers from the area joined us for lunch and tours of the ethanol plant. A big thank you to all that attended and for being a valued customer of Green Plains.

We wish you a safe harvest season!

For more photos, visit our Facebook page. 

As gas prices spike, ethanol offers stability and savings -Ethanol Producer Magazine

By Growth Energy - Aug. 30, 2012

This Labor Day weekend, millions of Americans plan to hit the open road and enjoy the last bits of summer. But with gas prices spiking toward $4 per gallon, many Americans are electing to stay home. The oil companies are quick to blame Hurricane Isaac for causing the sudden inflation, but the truth is, the increases continue even as reports come in that damage to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico suffered little, if any damage.

"The oil market is so volatile and ethanol has served as a stabilizing factor that can help control costs by providing a level of certainty," stated Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy. "Ethanol currently makes up 10 percent of our nation's fuel supply and it has helped prevent extreme spikes in gas prices. Independent studies have shown that the inclusion of ethanol has saved consumers from $0.17 cents to $1.09 a gallon."

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