BlendStar Ethanol Terminal Grand Opening

On Feb. 13, 2013, BlendStar's 96-car unit train ethanol terminal in Birmingham, Ala. celebrated project completion and the beginning of operations with a grand opening and ribbon cutting.

Event presenters:

  • Todd Becker | Green Plains, President and CEO
  • Steve Bleyl | Green Plains, Executive Vice President of Ethanol Marketing
  • Paul Melton | BlendStar, General Manager
  • Mark Bentley | Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition, Executive Director
  • Mahadevan Thantry | BNSF Railway, Manager Ethanol Freight

The terminal is served by the BNSF Railway and has a throughput capacity of 300 million gallons of ethanol annually. It will provide more efficient distribution of ethanol to underserved markets in the southeastern U.S. and provide economic benefits to the Birmingham market.

BlendStar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Green Plains.

Todd Becker and Mahadevan Thantry cut the ribbon in front of the truck rack at the terminal where trucks come in to load ethanol. 

Central City Presented with Award

Our ethanol plant in Central City was a big contributor to the 2012 Nebraska and National Cornhusking Contest. Because of their support, Central City received the Cornhusker Award "for going above and beyond to insure the success of the Hand Cornhusking Contest."

The award was presented by the Central City Area Chamber of Commerce on Jan., 28, 2013.

Congratulations to our Central City crew for all of their hard work in supporting their community!

The Truth About Ethanol

Are you wondering if ethanol is safe to use in your vehicle? Don't ask us, ask the experts!

A letter from The Auto Channel's Marc Rauch

Marc Rauch, of THE AUTO CHANNEL, responds to a FOX Business News segment providing misinformation regarding E15. Published on the Renewable Fuels Association website on Jan. 4, 2013.  

I am writing to you concerning the recent video story that Melissa Francis did with Lauren Fix regarding E15:

I am co-owner of THE AUTO CHANNEL and THE We are the Internet's largest automotive information resource. We are completely independent and not sponsored by any fuel producer.

The information provided by Lauren Fix about E15 is almost completely untrue. Lauren's explanation of phase-separation and the food-price argument about corn are preposterously puerile. In fact, if you live in a cold climate and your fuel tank and lines have a tendency to collect condensation (water), which would then freeze and cause real damage, the solution is to put Dry Gas in the fuel tank. Dry Gas is alcohol. Alcohol is ethanol. Ethanol "absorbs" the water moisture.

Fuel left in an unused engine for an extended period of time can break down and cause a starting or running problem. This is true of all fuels, including and especially gasoline, which leaves gummy varnish like deposits. Sta-Bil, another product used to stabilize the gasoline left in dormant engines also contains alcohol to help prevent the gummy build up. And again, alcohol is ethanol.

E15 will not damage the engines of vehicles older than 2012. It has been extensively tested. It can be safely used in all modern gasoline-powered vehicles manufactured since the early 1990's, whether they are "flex-fuel" vehicles or not. Incidentally, when the EPA conducted their tests on E15 and gave their "clean bill of health," they also tested E20 and had the same positive conclusions.

I have been test driving vehicles for 25 years and have regularly used various blend levels of gasoline and ethanol with no negative reactions. Furthermore, I own and drive a non-flex fuel 2002 Ford Taurus that I run on high blend levels of gasoline and ethanol. My vehicle suffers from no problems that are not normally associated with all gasoline-powered vehicles.

The misinformation that Lauren Fix quoted is just part of the routine lies circulated by the American Petroleum Institute and other anti-ethanol entities to discredit any viable alternative fuel solution. I would be happy to provide you with, or direct you to correct information.


Marc J. Rauch

Executive Vice President/Co-Publisher


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