The Real Effects Of Changing The Point Of Obligation

Check out this video, released by the Main Street Energy Alliance, highlighting the negative impact of shifting the Renewable Fuel Standard's (RFS) point of obligation. 

Happy Eight Years to the Green Jobs Waiver!



Happy 8th Year to the Green Jobs Waiver!

Eight years ago today, Growth Energy filed the Green Jobs Waiver to the Environmental Protection Agency to get higher blends like E15 available for commercial use.

Here’s a quick look at some of the milestones E15 has reached in less than a decade:

  • E15 is approved for 87 percent of the cars on the road.
  • More than 500 million miles have been driven on E15.
  • The latest research shows that ethanol produced from corn can reduce GHG emissions by as much as 59 percent relative to gasoline.
  • E15 can be found in 28 states, at 650 retail locations.
  • E15 remains the most tested fuel in history - In six million miles of testing, the Department of Energy found no problems with the use of E15 in the numerous vehicles selected.

To learn more about the benefits of E15 and to find your closest retailer visit:


Thorntons to Offer E15 in Chicago

Great news for our friends in Chicago!

Thorntons, a Louisville-based fuel retailer with 184 stores in six states, announced that it will offer Unleaded15, Thorntons’ branded E15 fueling option, to its guests at all 43 Chicago-area stores beginning this March.

E15 contains up to 15 percent ethanol and up to 85 percent gasoline. The EPA has approved the use of E15 in model year 2001 or newer cars, light duty trucks, SUVs, and Flex Fuel vehicles. That’s more than 80 percent of the cars, trucks and SUVs on the road today! E15 typically costs less than regular unleaded fuel, offers improved engine performance and reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Unleaded15 offers a great value to our Chicago guests, and supports our desire to provide the best possible fuel options,” stated Jeff Gallic, Vice President of Fuel Supply.

By adding E15 to the fuel lineup, retailers like Thorntons are committing to consumer choice and supporting a homegrown, high-performance fuel.

This spring, Thorntons will join more than 175 retail stations already offering. In the nearly 20 cities rolling out E15, offering a cleaner gasoline may help reduce smog levels allowing Americans to breathe cleaner air. Additional E15 pumps are being added regularly — tell your local station you want to fill-up with E15, too!

Tennessee Agriculture Commissioner Visits Green Plains Obion

On Tues., July 14, Julius Johnson, Tennessee Agriculture Commissioner, visited our Green Plains Obion ethanol plant, located in Rives, Tenn., with Asst. Commissioners Carol Coley McDonald and Ed Harlan, State Rep. Bill Sanderson and Matt Fennel of the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation. Our visit with the group started with a Company overview by our very own Steve Bleyl, Executive Vice President of Ethanol Marketing, then expanded to an industry-wide discussion on ethanol and how it has positively impacted the agricultural landscape in the state of Tennessee.

Commissioner Johnson was very receptive to our message and shared his appreciation for the opportunities Green Plains brings to the Tennessee economy by presenting members of our Green Plains team with an award stating, “Thank you for putting your capital to work in Tennessee.”

While the heat index was well over 100 degrees, the group braved the humidity to go on a tour with Plant Manager, Scott McClellan. During the tour, the Commissioner had the unique experience of being able to walk into the nearly complete grain storage facility.

Commissioner Johnson proved to be a strong advocate for our industry. He looks forward to the future of Green Plains Inc. and recognizes the work our employees do for local Tennessee agriculture. We appreciate the Commissioner and his guests sharing so much of their day with us and look forward to their partnership in the future.

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