E85 Omaha

We are so excited that our E85 Omaha campaign is now 1 month old! What is E85 Omaha you might ask?

E85 Omaha is a desktop and mobile site that connects drivers of flex-fuel vehicles to E85 stations in Omaha: www.e85omaha.com. It's super easy! All you do is visit the site and a list of stations will pop up based on your location. Then it will map it for you!

There are nearly 30,000 flex-fuel vehicles in the Omaha area. That's 30,000 vehicles that can use E85, a fuel with 40% fewer emissions than regular unleaded gasoline. Wow!

If you are in Omaha and you are driving a flex-fuel vehicle, this site is for you!

Check it out!

www.e85omaha.com | Facebook | Twitter

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