Wrapping Up Harvest at Green Plains Ord

By Reid Hagstrom, Grain Originator - Green Plains Ord

Students of the Ord High School Agriculture and FFA classes completed their 2012 harvest last week.  This is the 5th year of Green Plains’ agreement with the school to farm the onsite dryland field and the first year that the project was expanded to include our irrigated field as well.

Throughout the year, students partner with local vendors - equipment, seed, fertilizer, etc. - to coordinate their own production in this ‘outdoor classroom.’  Some of students class time has been spent in the field, experiencing modern farming methods of production and management, including the proper use and implementation of new technology systems such as GPS and evapo-transpiration monitoring.

Students also receive a tour of the Green Plains Ord ethanol plant. During the tour, they see how the corn they raise is converted into fuel and feed that they, or their families, might purchase, completing the full circle from agriculture to energy and back again.

Green Plains congratulates the students and advisors on another successful harvest after a very challenging growing season!

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