Cornfield is classroom for Ord FFA - The Grand Island Independent

Article by Amy Schweirzer - Oct. 24, 2012

ORD -- When the Ord FFA members learn about corn pests and diseases, they don't have to rely on a picture in a book.

They have more than 80 acres of the crop they planted and cared for that provides a hands-on example.

"When the kids find a worm in the ground, they are much more excited about it than when they find the worm in the picture in a book," Cory Beran, one of Ord's FFA advisers, said with a laugh.

For three years the FFA, which currently has about 50 members, has been farming about 30 acres of dryland north of the Green Plains ethanol plant near Ord and this year the school added about 55 acres of irrigated land next to it.

The dryland field, which has been rotated in corn and soybeans, came from the Ord Economic Development Board and the irrigated field is owned by the ethanol plant.

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