E-15 ethanol blend makes debut in state - Lincoln Journal Star

By Art Hovey - Oct. 24, 2012

A Lexington service station has become the first in the state to sell an E-15 ethanol blend.

Neal Hoff of Uncle Neal's Phillips 66 called it "the fuel of the future for automobiles" and a logical choice for his customers.

"We put in blender pumps," Hoff said Tuesday, "and they were active by Friday night. And by Saturday night, yes, we had sales."

The Environmental Protection Agency approved E-15 for use in vehicles 2001 and newer in June.

To Hoff, the EPA stance means that "85 percent of the cars out there can use it. And it just seems logical that what's going to happen eventually is that we'll migrate from E-10 to E-15. And we're on the front end of that."

If consumers go along with a move to a higher ethanol blend nationally, it could boost overall demand and help the industry get over a so-called "blenders wall" in which the government mandate for E-10 use as a renewable fuel has been met.

Hoff is selling E-15 a nickel cheaper than E-10 and 15 cents cheaper than regular unleaded.

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