Green Plains understands the volatility of commodity markets, the efficiency needed to produce quantity with quality and our responsibility to our stakeholders, agriculture, and energy.

With our ongoing commitment to growth and progress, we keep expanding our vision.

It takes dedicated, knowledgeable employees to navigate through the volatility inherent in commodity markets at the intersection of agriculture and energy. We rely on that experience and value their steady approach to deliver results and managing the various businesses that make up our value chain.

Over the years, our interests continue to broaden by looking for diversified opportunities that provide adjacencies to our platform. We look for accretion, stability and value to create progressive growth, all while maintaining our commitment to operational excellence. Our concentration remains to expand our Company through our continued dedication to the core competencies that have made us into the Company we are today. Our vision maintains the mission of being highly committed stewards of the capital entrusted to us by our investors.

The way we see it, there are two categories divided by our approach to business: Green Plains Inc. and everybody else.