Green Plains 2013 Annual Report

Harvesting Energy

Green Plains is a company focused on risk management, operational excellence and safety. We are the fourth largest producer of ethanol in North America and we are energized by a clear purpose: harvest the energy locked up in a single kernel of corn.

Our OperatingSegments

We operate a total of 12 ethanol plants in Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana and Tennessee, with approximately 1 billion gallons of total ethanol production. At capacity, these plants collectively will annually process approximately 10 million tons of corn, 250 million lbs of corn oil and 2.9 million tons of distillers grains. We market and distribute over a billion gallons of ethanol and have grain storage capacity of almost 31 million bushels.

Map One

Acquired three ethanol plants: Two in Nebraska, one in Minnesota.

Map Two

Completed construction of 9.4 million bushels of grain storage at 6 ethanol plants and 3 grain locations, representing a 44% increase in capacity

Map Three

BioProcess Algae received $6.4 million DOE grant

We intend to continue to take a disciplined approach in evaluating new opportunities related to potential acquisition of additional ethanol plants by considering whether the plants fit within the design, engineering and geographic criteria we have developed. We also plan to continue to grow our downstream access to customers and are actively seeking new marketing opportunities with other ethanol producers. Additionally, we are a partner in a joint venture, BioProcess Algae LLC, formed to commercialize advanced photo-bioreactor technologies for the growing and harvesting of algal biomass.

Our CompetitiveStrengths

We believe we have created an efficient platform with diversified revenues and income streams. Fundamentally, we focus on managing commodity price risks, improving operating efficiencies and optimizing market opportunities. We believe our competitive strengths include: