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Distillers Grains
Marketing and distribution.
Dairy Products
Pork Products
Packaged Chicken Meat
Packaged Pork Meat
Corn Oil
Green Plains expects
to produce 130 million
pounds of corn oil.
Feed Additive
Corn oil provides
fat content to
livestock feed.
Corporate Fleets
Biodiesel is a viable alternative for corporate
shipping fleets and saves companies money.
Algae is grown in
BioProcess Algae’s
emerging Grower
Harvester technology.
Dried Algae
Dried algae ships and stores
for a longer period due to
the low water content.
Livestock Feed
Dried algae is an additive to
numerous livestock feed rations
including chicken, cattle and swine.
Heart Healthy Products
Algae is a supplement to heart-
healthy milk and eggs that include
Omega 3 and DHA.
Fish Feed
Dried algae is an additive
to fish nutrition in
commercial aquaculture.
Livestock Feed
Paste algae is an additive to
numerous livestock feeds.
Paste Algae
Paste algae is the
consistency of tooth-
paste and super
Paste algae is used in the production
of dietary supplements, herbal
products, and processed foods such
as cereals, soups and beverages.
Algae can be used for
energy production.
Nutritional Supplement
Dried algae can be made
into human nutritional
products such as vitamins.
Paste algae is an additive
to many cosmetics.
Food Products
Cosmetic Products
Nutraceutical Products
Food Products
Ethanol at Gas Stations
Extraction/Purification of selected
compounds for specific applications.
Ethanol Marketing & Distribution
Consumer Use
Consumer Use
Corporate Use
Consumer Use
Consumer Use
Consumer Use
Consumer Use
Consumer Use
Consumer Use
Consumer Use
Consumer Use
Consumer Use
Ethanol Production
Dairy Cattle Feed
Chicken Feed
Swine Feed
Beef Products
Packaged Beef Meat
Consumer Use
Cattle Feed
9 blending terminals located in southern
U.S. provide 625 million gallons of
ethanol throughput capacity.
Poultry Products