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The only thing certain is uncertainty. Running an enterprise
in this environment requires nimbleness, agility and an ear
to the ground. We practice this philosophy on a daily basis.
Our challenge is to be in a position to move when the market
delivers opportunity and turn on a dime when the market shifts.
Green Plains is a rare sort of company today. We have built
a sound organization around a simple little seed that holds
unlimited energy possibilities.
It is our view that the golden age of agriculture is coming.
There is a role for us and other companies to supply the U.S.
and the world with more energy or BTUs.
We plan to answer the challenge as we pursue the question:
How much energy can we produce from a bushel of corn?
We think as a company, that through our current products, we
are capturing 80% of the energy in a bushel of corn today. We
will continue to work on how to profitably extract as much of
that remaining 20% as possible.
We appreciate the opportunity to provide renewable motor
fuel to help break our country’s dependence on foreign oil,
produce high-quality animal feed for livestock and to act in
an environmentally-responsible manner.
Harvesting energy. We believe the possibilities are golden.
Golden Opportunities
Green Plains produces
740 million gallons of
ethanol, two million tons
of distillers grains and 130
million pounds of corn oil
at nine plants. We own 39
million bushels of grain
storage at 15 locations. Our
BlendStar business has 625
million gallons of throughput
capacity at nine terminals.
B T U s f o r a n i m a l s — F e e d . B T U s f o r p e o p l e — F o o d . B T U s f o r a u t omo b i l e s — F u e l .