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our employees to develop new processes and practices that
tap the value chain or chase the BTU opportunity, wherever
it may lead.
This practice empowers our people. Further, we hold
them accountable for results that draw on the value of
the relationships we build. This dynamic in our workplace
requires us to work together as we reach out to customers,
suppliers and innovators outside of the company to drive
performance. After all, the only way a new idea will produce
value is when it is adopted, so why not speed the process
along from the very start?
By pursuing the BTU opportunity, we discovered that
carbon dioxide, or CO
, an abundant co-product that
flows from the production of ethanol, could be effectively
channeled into commercial-scale algae production utilizing
BioProcess Algae’s Grower Harvester
bioreactors. By
challenging our people to embrace collaboration in a
growing open environment, a powerful new value stream is
emerging for Green Plains, our venture partners, our people,
our customers and our suppliers.