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Building Excellence
Green Plains is built on three mainstays: disciplined risk
management, operational excellence and safety. The
values embedded in this foundation guide our day-to-day
behavior, development of resources, operating practices
and self expectations.
The result of this management philosophy is a high
performance culture that delivers significant cash flows, a
record of prudent acquisitions and a focus on growth.
Operational Excellence
You do not need permission to make something better
at Green Plains; it is expected. Managers are in place to
recognize how the parts and pieces come together and how
little changes might have beneficial effects. In our employees,
we look for seasoned know-how and a get-it-done spirit.
In our culture, innovation begins with a management
expectation that if you can improve a service, product or
process, then it should happen. It is standard procedure that
we test such new ideas or practices to determine their value
to the system. If it doesn’t add greater value than it may
eventually cost, it goes back to the drawing board.
Risk Management
Eliminating risk eliminates opportunity. Managing risk
involves knowing where risk is imminent, evaluating such
risk and deliberately taking risk when we are adequately
compensated to do so.
We produce
enough ethanol to
power 7.4 million
cars using E15.