Green Plains Trade

We have an in-house, fee-based marketing business, Green Plains Trade Group LLC, which is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of all ethanol, distillers grains and corn oil recovered at our production facilities.

Through Green Plains Trade, we market the ethanol we produce and a third-party produces to local, regional, national and international customers. We also purchase ethanol from independent producers for pricing arbitrage. To achieve the best price for the ethanol we market, we sell to various markets under sales agreements with integrated energy companies; retailers, traders and resellers in the United States and buyers for export to Brazil, Canada, Europe and other international markets. Under these agreements, ethanol is priced under fixed and indexed pricing arrangements.

Our markets can be further segmented by geographic region and livestock industry. Most of our modified wet distillers grains are sold to midwestern feedlot markets. Our dried distillers grains are shipped to feedlots and poultry markets, as well as Texas and West Coast rail markets. A substantial amount of dried distillers grains are shipped by barge and rail to regional and national markets. Some of our distillers grains are shipped by truck to dairy, beef, and poultry operations in the eastern United States. We also ship by railcar to Eastern and Southeastern feed mills, poultry and dairy operations, and domestic trade companies. Dried distillers grains are also sold to exporters for shipment to international markets. 

Our corn oil is sold primarily to biodiesel manufactures and, to a lesser extent, feedlot and poultry markets. We transport our corn oil by truck to locations in a close proximity to our ethanol plants primarily in the southeastern and midwestern regions of the United States. We also transport corn oil by rail to national markets as well as to exporters for shipment to international markets.

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