National Ag Week: Ricketts blasts 'big government' in ethanol push - Omaha World Herald

March 17, 2015

Article by Russell Hubbard - March 17, 2014

Gov. Pete Ricketts Monday lambasted the Environmental Protection Agency for delaying regulations that would benefit Nebraska’s ethanol industry, which he called a key to the state’s agribusiness economy.

“It is a typical example of big government that doesn’t get it,” Ricketts said during a meeting at Omaha’s Green Plains Inc., the nation’s fourth-largest ethanol producer and one of the first stops as he toured the state to kick off National Ag Week.

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27th Annual ROTH Conference - Webcast

March 6, 2015

When: Mar. 9 , 2015 at 3:30pm PT

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Ethanol Price Decline Grabs the Attention of Nebraska Farmers - Fox 42 KPTM

February 20, 2015

Article by Fox 42 KPTM - Feb. 19, 2015

Even though planting season still is a few weeks away, some corn farmers around the metro are gearing up for what could be a troubling year. It comes as the price of ethanol continues to fall.

"As producers, we have to position ourselves and take advantage of future prices and marketing options to ensure that we lock in as much of a profit as we can," said Carl Sousek.

Sousek is a longtime corn and soybean farmer in Prague. He also runs a cattle operation. For him and many others in the state, ethanol factors into a livelihood.

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Murphy USA Expands Sale of E15 - Growth Energy

February 12, 2015

Article by Growth Energy - Feb. 12, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC — Growth Energy welcomes the recent announcement by Murphy USA that they will expand their sales of E15. After a successful launch of E15 in Iowa, Murphy USA is adding additional retail locations in the Houston, TX and Chicago, IL suburbs.

“Growth Energy applauds Murphy USA’s ongoing commitment to bring higher blends of homegrown renewable fuels to the American motorist,” said Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy. “Their dedication to providing the consumer with the best, most cost-effective product is commendable. Furthermore, we are thrilled to see Murphy USA’s success and decision to expand into new markets. Higher blends such as E15 are helping reduce our dependence on foreign oil, improve our environment through reduced emissions and support our domestic economy by creating jobs that cannot be outsourced.”

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