Mid Range Blends

Ethanol blends between E10 (10 percent ethanol) and E85 (85 percent ethanol) are available in several states, including South Dakota, Kansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin, thanks to the installation of ethanol “blender pumps.” These special fuel pumps allow consumers to choose which ethanol blend they prefer, including E10, E20, E30, E40 and E85 – or whatever blend of ethanol and gasoline the station owner chooses.

To create these blends, the blender pump automatically combines the appropriate percentages of E85 and unleaded gasoline. For example, an E20 blend uses 24 percent E85 and 76 percent regular unleaded.

Mid-range ethanol blends offer those with flex fuel vehicles more fuel choices and the opportunity to customize a fuel option that best suits each vehicle’s optimal blend level. Although fuel with more than E10 is only intended for flex fuel vehicles, research is being conducted in Minnesota on using E20 (20 percent ethanol) in regular vehicles, and the results are promising.